• Hydraulic Floor (Tilt)
  • Hydraulic Dehorner
  • Hydraulic Leg Puller (For Castration)
  • Dual Controls
  • Hydraulic Scales 
  • Hydraulic Trailers
  • Breast Bar
  • Hydraulic Headsqueeze
Hydraulic Chutes
{7' to 12' Lenghts}

Bison Chutes
Hoof Trimming Chute

Hydraulic Chutes

Hydraulic Tilt Chutes

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Clipping Chutes

Each chute is constructed of 2 1/2" x 3/16" tubing (minimum) and contains more steel than any other chute on the market. Standard models weigh over 3800 pounds.  We build with superior safety features for operator and animal. Our chutes are built for one man operation. 

Flying W head and tail gates are operated by double cylinders without the use of flo-dividers. Back doors are double skinned. Front doors are skinned on the inside with a 10 gauge (minim) steel. There are greaseable rollers and rubber bushings on head and tail gates and top squeeze.

Flying W chute sides are barred every 4". Drop down doors are full length or half doors, hinged on the ends.  Chute floors are constructed of either solid steel or rebar depending on your specifications. Chutes also have quiet five horsepower motors.

Chute Specifications:

Outside Lengths 7' to 12'
Width - 6' -Doors open to 7' 6"
Shipping weight 3800 lbs.
Tilt models also available

​Our hydraulic chutes come with many different options:

  • 7' - 12' Length Hydraulic Chutes
  • Hydraulic Tilt Chute
  • Head and Tail Gate Slides
  • Manual Side Exits
  • Hydraulic Side Exits
  • Palpation Doors
  • Double Headbender
  • Hydraulic Headbender
  • Door Guards