Alleys Tubs

{2 3/8 Pipe; 3" Channel Iron, Catwalks}

Hydraulic Alleys

Hydraulic Adjustable 

{Straight 2 3/8 Pipe Alleys}

Options Include:

  • Rebar Floor 
  • Dual Hydraulics
  • Hydraulic Gates
  • Hydraulic No Backs
  • Palpation Doors
Portable Alley
1/2 Circle Manual Adjustable
{Straight 2 3/8 Pipe Alleys}

1/2 Circle Wedge 
{3" Channel Iron}

Hydraulic Straight Alley and Tub With a Double Feed Alley
Wedge Alleys Hydraulic Adjustable


Integrity.  Quality.  Service.  Flying W.

Flying W Half Circle Alleys and Crowding Pens are designed with the cattleman in mind. The curved unit works cattle faster and with less effort and less stress on cattle than ever before.

The standard unit is set in a 25 foot by 35 foot area and is designed for a 4 inch concrete floor. The system is constructed of 10 gauge steel and 1 ½ inch square tubing.

Cattle are gathered in a 10 foot or 12 foot crowding pen and are swept into the alley by a heavily constructed crowding gate. An original, safe, sure catch latch holds the gate secure. The crowding pen is equipped with a catwalk.

Our standard wedge shaped alley is 14 inches wide at the bottom and 30 inches wide at the top but can be built to your specifications. It’s contoured design eliminates any tight spots allowing cattle to flow smoothly through the unit. It is designed so that all panels bolt together and by removing 6 bolts a panel can be removed. Drop gates can be placed anywhere in the alley and are easily adjusted for any size cattle.

Palpation units, walk through gates and load-outs are available.

These units are rugged enough for feedlots and veterinarians but are priced so that the average stockman can afford one.