Flying W Livestock Equipment in Watonga Oklahoma, custom builds our equipment to fit your operation. Our hydraulic chutes come with many different options ,7'-8'-9'-10'-11'-12' Hydraulic Cattle Chutes, Hydraulic Tilt Chutes, Head and Tail Gate Slides, Manual Side Exits, Hydraulic Side Exits, Palpation Doors, Hydraulic Headbender Patent # 4,947,800, Double Headbender, Hydraulic Headsqueeze, Door Guards, Hydraulic Floor, Hydraulic Dehorner, Leg Puller (For Castration), Dual Controls, Hydraulic Trailers, and Scales. Flying W also custom build Hydraulic Adjustable Alleys, Wedge 1/2 Circle Alleys ,10'and 12' Tubs, Portable Pipe Alleys, Semi Loadouts, Trailer Loadouts,  2-3/8 Pipe Gates, Round Bale Feeders, Horse Chutes, Hoof Trimming Chutes, Calf Chutes, OB Chutes, and Bison Chutes. Throughout the year we get in several used Hydraulic Cattle Chutes, used Manual Chutes, and used Alleys that we refurbish for resale, so check our Used Equipment page.   

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Serving the Livestock Industry Since 1981

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